Hernia Surgery

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Hernia Surgery

When you need hernia surgery, it’s essential to have choices. Every hernia requires a different approach. Arizona Preferred Surgeons offers broad choices, ranging from traditional open surgery to advanced minimally invasive procedures. For help with hiatal, ventral, and other kinds of hernias, call the Arrowhead office in Glendale, Arizona, now or book your appointment using the online scheduling tool.

Hernia Surgery Q & A

What are hernias?

A hernia is a medical condition that occurs when one of your internal organs protrudes through a weak area in your muscle or connective tissue. There are many kinds of hernias, but the most common are:

Ventral hernia

A ventral hernia (abdominal hernia) develops when tissue pushes through an area anywhere within your abdominal wall muscles. This kind of hernia can happen anywhere in the abdomen. But in general, they happen above the inguinal area (lower abdomen and groin).

An epigastric ventral hernia occurs above the navel. Below the navel, ventral hernias often develop at the site of a previous abdominal surgical incision (a ventral incisional hernia).

Inguinal hernia

An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue or organs push through the lower abdominal wall muscles. Inguinal hernias usually happen in the inguinal canal, an area on either side of the groin at the very bottom of your abdomen.

Femoral hernia

A femoral hernia happens when a section of your intestine pushes through a part of your abdominal wall. This usually happens near the top of your thigh.

Hiatal hernia

A hiatal hernia occurs when the uppermost part of your stomach protrudes through your diaphragm (the muscle between your chest and abdomen).

The experienced surgeons at Arizona Preferred Surgeons offer hernia repair surgery for all of these hernias.

Do hernias always require hernia surgery?

Some small hernias might cause no discomfort or other problems. Unfortunately, most hernias grow larger over time. Without surgical hernia repair, you could eventually experience swelling, pain, tissue death, sepsis (blood poisoning), even death. All of this ultimately means that most hernias require surgical repair.

What are the different hernia surgery options?

Arizona Preferred Surgeons offers minimally invasive hernia repair and traditional open surgery for hernias.

Minimally invasive hernia repair

Minimally invasive approaches, including laparoscopic and robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery, involve a series of tiny incisions directly above your hernia.

Your surgeon watches the surgical area through a miniature camera. They hold special surgical instruments or control robotic arms that hold the instruments, to perform your hernia repair and return your tissue to its proper place.

Open hernia repair

Some hernias require a more expansive worksite, which means open hernia repair with one long incision. In this procedure, your surgeon directly views your hernia and the surrounding tissues as they perform the surgery.

Both kinds of hernia repair have their place. Your Arizona Preferred Surgeons specialist can explain which approach is best for your particular hernia.

For hernia repair by renowned specialists, call Arizona Preferred Surgeons now or click the scheduling link.