Liver Resection

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Liver Resection

Liver resection is the leading treatment for liver cancer. At Arizona Preferred Surgeons in the  Arrowhead area in Glendale, Arizona, the board-certified surgeons offer advanced surgical care for liver cancer. The surgeon you meet for your initial consultation performs your liver resection surgery and sees you throughout your follow-up appointments. Book your appointment now using the online scheduler or call the office to schedule your consultation.

Liver Resection Q & A

What is liver resection?

Liver resection (hepatectomy) is surgery to remove part or all of your liver. The most common reason for liver resection is liver cancer that starts in the colorectal area, although cancer can also begin in the liver itself.

Liver resection can be a life-saving surgery. In the capable hands of Arizona Preferred Surgeons, you can expect the most customized treatment approach for your specific needs.

How does a liver resection work?

There are a couple of approaches to liver resection minimally invasive surgery and open surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery, which includes laparoscopic and robot-assisted laparoscopic approaches, requires dime-sized incisions. Open surgery requires one long incision. The experienced surgeons at Arizona Preferred Surgeons offer both.

In a partial liver resection, your Arizona Preferred Surgeons doctor removes the tumor in your liver. This can include the left or right part of your liver. Or your surgeon might remove only a small segment of the organ.

In some cases, a liver resection also includes the removal of other organs near your liver, including your bile duct and gallbladder. You might also need to have some lymph nodes removed.

A full liver resection removes the entire organ. If you need this surgery, you’ll have a liver transplant during the same procedure. But there are a very limited number of livers available for transplant, and the procedure is highly complex.

With a partial liver resection, most people get excellent results because the liver can actually regenerate after your surgeon removes the cancerous tumor.

What can I expect after liver resection?

After liver resection, you’ll experience abdominal soreness for a week or two. Some people have gastrointestinal symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, and gas for a few weeks.

The exact time frame for your recovery depends on your particular situation. You’ll see the same doctor at Arizona Preferred Surgeons from the first surgery consultation through your recovery. That way, you’ll receive personalized support and guidance from someone you trust every step of the way.

If you have liver cancer and need to take the next step in your treatment, Arizona Preferred Surgeons is here for you. Call the office now or click on the online appointment maker to arrange your consultation with a skilled expert.

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